How it works

The Way You Vacuum Will Change Forever

Several elements make up your Central Vacuum System. One is the Power Unit which you can install almost anywhere, although ideally in a non-living area like a basement or garage. This ensures you are removing 100% of the dirt, debris and allergens from your living area.

Another element is a network of tubes installed in your walls. They are invisible and carry dirt, debris and allergens to the Power Unit. Your walls will also have inlets in multiple locations, usually one inlet covers an area of about 75m2.

Central Vacuum Systems fit in perfectly with modern living, the lightweight hose let’s you vacuum every part of your home.

When vacuuming, you don’t have to carry anything except the hose and attachments – no more lugging around a portable vacuum, not to mention up and down stairs.

The system delivers suction 3 to 4 times that of even the strongest portable too, and our incredible warranties – Up to 25 Years on some models, will give peace of mind to even the most wary of buyers. The extensive range of accessories from kitchen VacPans to pet brushes ensures we have every application covered.

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